Dallol, Ethiopia, is the hottest inhabited place on Earth and features everything from volcanoes to geysers and salt canyons.
With 3000 languages spoken in Africa, advertisers should use English and vernacular.
Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal - the African Elephant.
Most leading print dailies across Africa now offer an online version of their publication.
The Sahara desert in northern Africa is the largest non-polar desert in the world.
Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in Sub-Saharan-Africa.
The Nile is the longest river in the world and flows through 10 countries.
Africa provides home to ±1 billion people and is origin to 25% of world languages.
The lowest point in Africa is crater Lake Assal, Djibouti, at 155m below sea level.
“General News” is the most sought after information on TV, radio, print and online.
Lake Victoria is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and the largest lake in Africa.
Early humans first migrated out of Africa into Asia about 2 million years ago.
Africa is the 2nd largest continent in both land mass and population.
175 million years ago, Africa was joined to other countries in a continent called Pangaea.


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Why choose AMW?
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- Neutrality: Due to AMW being an independent company, we can offer unbiased opinions on communication strategies and implementation 
- Compliance: We supply all clients with tear sheets, media logs and access to media monitoring where necessary

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