Dallol, Ethiopia, is the hottest inhabited place on Earth and features everything from volcanoes to geysers and salt canyons.
With 3000 languages spoken in Africa, advertisers should use English and vernacular.
Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal - the African Elephant.
Most leading print dailies across Africa now offer an online version of their publication.
The Sahara desert in northern Africa is the largest non-polar desert in the world.
Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in Sub-Saharan-Africa.
The Nile is the longest river in the world and flows through 10 countries.
Africa provides home to ±1 billion people and is origin to 25% of world languages.
The lowest point in Africa is crater Lake Assal, Djibouti, at 155m below sea level.
“General News” is the most sought after information on TV, radio, print and online.
Lake Victoria is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and the largest lake in Africa.
Early humans first migrated out of Africa into Asia about 2 million years ago.
Africa is the 2nd largest continent in both land mass and population.
175 million years ago, Africa was joined to other countries in a continent called Pangaea.


Flag of Seychelles

Background Information

  • The Seychelles are a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and forms part of East Africa.
  • The Seychelles cover 455 sq km of total land space
  • The Seychelles consists of 40 granitic and about 50 coralline islands
  • The Seychelles are divided into 23 administrative districts
  • A lengthy struggle between France and Great Britain for the islands ended in 1814, when they were ceded to the latter. Independence came in 1976. Socialist rule was brought to a close with a new constitution and free elections in 1993.
  • President France-Albert RENE, who had served since 1977, was re-elected in 2001, but stepped down in 2004.
  • Vice President James MICHEL took over the presidency and in July 2006 was elected to a new five-year term.


Capital Victoria
Currency Seychelles rupee (SCR)
Major Ethnic Groups      Mixed French, African, Indian, Chinese and Arab
Main Languages Creole 91.8%, English 4.9% (official), other 3.1%, unspecified 0.2% (2002 census)


Religious Breakdown              Roman Catholic 82.3%,
Anglican 6.4%,
Seventh Day Adventist 1.1%,
other Christian 3.4%,
Hindu 2.1%,
Muslim 1.1%
Population 81,895 (July 2007 est.)
Growth Rate:0.432% (2007 est.)
Death rate: 6.25 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Literacy: Definition : Age 15 and over that can read or write
Total Population 91.8%
Male 91.4%
Female 92.3% (2002 census)


Government Republic
Constitution 18 June 1993
Legal System English common law, French civil law and customary law,
Chief of State President James Alix Michael
Head of Government                 President James Michael
Elections President elected by pop vote, 5yr term

Banking And Business

GDP Purchasing Power Parity $626 million (2002 est.)
Real Growth Rate -1% (2006 est.)
Per Capita $7,800 (2002 est.)
Composition By Sector           Agriculture 3.2%
Industry 30.1%
Services 66.7% (2006 est.)
Industries Fishing, tourism, processing of coconuts and vanilla, coir (coconut fiber) rope, boat building, printing, furniture; beverages
Labour Labour Force 30,900 (1996)
Labour Force by Sector                       Agriculture 10%
Industry 19%
Services 71%
Electricity Electricity Production 208 million kWh (2004)
Electricity Consumption 193.4 million kWh (2004)
Electricity Exports NIL
Electricity Imports NIL
Export $365.1 million f.o.b. (2006 est.)
Export Commodities Canned Tuna, frozen fish, cinnamon bark, copra, petroleum products (reexports)
Transportation Highways Total: 458 km
Paved 440 km
Unpaved 18 km (2003)
Harbors and Ports Victoria
Air Transport The international airport is based in Victoria
11 Official Airports

Schooling And Holidays

Public Holidays            

Jan 1-2 2005 New Year.
Mar 25 Good Friday.
Mar 28 Easter Monday.
May 1 Labour Day.
Jun 5 Liberation Day (Anniversary of 1977 Coup).
Jun 10 Corpus Christi.
Jun 18 National Day.
Jun 29 Independence Day.
Aug 15 Assumption/La Digue Festival.
Nov 1 All Saints’ Day.
Dec 8 Immaculate Conception.
Dec 25 Christmas Day.



Tv Stations

Public Broadcaster

Language English
Broadcast Hours 24 hours
Booking Deadlines 14 days prior to broadcast
Material Deadlines 14 days prior to broadcast
Agency Commission 16.5% when payment is made 15 days after broadcast
Material Requirement Beta Cam SP/SX
Status of Owner State Owned
Footprint/Broadcast Area Mahe and Praslin
Station Format Local & International Soaps & Sports comedies local studio hosted talk shows, Movie of the week.

Radio Stations

Radio AM

Radio AM is the public information channel. It broadcasts mainly in Creole and contains a large number of public announcements, news bulletins and education programmes.
Commercial adverts are accepted but it is recommended that these are rather placed on the sister channel “Paradise fm”

Radio One

  • Chipata 93.1 MHz
  • Kapiri 97.8 MHz
  • Kasama 88.2 MHz
  • Lusaka 102.6 MHz
  • Mansa 86.1 MHz
  • Mongu 95.1 MHz
  • Senkobo 89.3 MHz
  • Solwezi 95.1 MHz



  • All papers listed are in English, French and Creole
  • Seychelles Nation - Daily
  • Regar - Weekly
  • People we are Le Nouveau - Weekly
  • Isola Bella - Weekly
  • L'echo des Iles (Roman Catholic) - Weekly



Outdoor Media

Country Data